Indignation por Philip Roth

March 21, 2019

Indignation por Philip Roth

Titulo del libro: Indignation

Autor: Philip Roth

ISBN: 0099523426

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Philip Roth con Indignation


"Intricately wrought, passionate and fascinating... A late masterpiece" (Financial Times)

"In Indignation, his power and intensity seem undiminished" (New York Times)

"He is a writer of quite extraordinary skill and courage" (London Review of Books)

"I relished Indignation. Roth writes with his trademark drive and fluency, on the knife blade between rage and laughter" (Guardian)

"Roth reasserts his fictional mastery with a fine taut narrative about the frustrations of youth...every part of it is dovetailed into a story of compelling economy...a mid-20th-century tale of nemesis with all the intellectual and imaginative force of a great novelist writing at the height of his powers" (Sunday Times)

`drivingly readable'

`a gratifying novel in its won right ... Indignation is, unquestionably, seriously "good" Roth'

[Roth] reasserts his fictional mastery ... a great novelist writing at the height of his powers'