The Oxford History of Ireland por R.F. Foster

April 24, 2019

The Oxford History of Ireland por R.F. Foster

Titulo del libro: The Oxford History of Ireland

Autor: R.F. Foster

Número de páginas: 368 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: December 27, 2001

ISBN: 019280202X

Editor: Oxford University Press

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R.F. Foster con The Oxford History of Ireland

Few countries can boast as compelling a history as Ireland. This volume captures all the varied legacies of the Emerald Isle, from the earliest prehistoric communities and the first Christian settlements, through centuries of turbulent change and creativity, right up to the present day. Written by a team of scholars--all of whom are native to Ireland--this book offers the most authoritative account of Irish history yet published for the general reader.
Emphasizing the paradoxes and ambiguities of Irish history, this book presents a more realistic picture than other histories. It explores, for example, the reasons behind the intense regional variations in agriculture, prosperity, and political affiliation in so small a land, and shows why Victorian norms prevail in certain areas of twentieth-century life. It also examines more familiar themes--such as the recurrent religious strife and the shaping of new political entities--and offers a special section on the interaction between Irish history and its rich literary tradition. Wide-ranging and highly readable, this vivid view of Ireland will entertain and inform anyone interested in this fascinating and colorful island nation.