A Digital Latin Dictionary (English Edition) por Thomas McCarthy

May 24, 2019

A Digital Latin Dictionary (English Edition) por Thomas McCarthy

Titulo del libro: A Digital Latin Dictionary (English Edition)

Autor: Thomas McCarthy

Número de páginas: 4540 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: July 11, 2011

Editor: PerLingua

A Digital Latin Dictionary (English Edition) de Thomas McCarthy está disponible para descargar en formato PDF y EPUB. Aquí puedes acceder a millones de libros. Todos los libros disponibles para leer en línea y descargar sin necesidad de pagar más.

Thomas McCarthy con A Digital Latin Dictionary (English Edition)

Set your Kindle's primary dictionary to "Digital Latin Dictionary" and get ready to read any Latin text! Clear and concise definitions appear whenever needed!

  • Even words ending in the -que enclitic are covered!
  • Even words using "u" instead of "v" not to mention "i" instead of "j"!
  • More than 39,000 entries.
  • Words from Classic Rome to Medieval, Ecclesiastical and beyond are included.
  • Based on the respected Whitaker's Words program and data.
As the Kindle doesn't recognize Latin, set this dictionary to the default under you English setting. Your English dictionary will still be available!
Looking for macrons (long marks over vowels?) Please check out Latin English Lexicon. Use both for better coverage!

Note to Kindle Fire, HD users. As of this writing (March 2013) no color Kindle device can install any dictionary other than the ones provided by Amazon as the default dictionary. This may change at any time, so please check the appropriate Amazon help page.
NEWS (August 1, 2013) iOS (Apple products) Kindle Version 3.9  can now use this dictionary!