Philebus (Classics) (English Edition) por Plato

July 15, 2019

Philebus (Classics) (English Edition) por Plato

Titulo del libro: Philebus (Classics) (English Edition)

Autor: Plato

Número de páginas: 156 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: May 4, 2017

Editor: Penguin

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Plato con Philebus (Classics) (English Edition)

Taking the form of a discussion between the hedonist Philebus, his naïve disciple Protarchus and Socrates, Philebus is a compelling consideration of the popular belief that pleasure is the greatest attainable good. Here, Socrates speculates on the differing intensities of both pleasure and pain; explores the notion that they can be divided into pure and impure types; considers the relationship between the one and the many; and establishes knowledge as a far higher goal. A profound argument that true fulfillment can only be achieved by the pursuit of beauty, truth and moderation, Philebus is among the earliest and most fascinating explorations of one of the most fundamental human questions: how to lead a good life.